Why Science is Sexist

I haven’t written anything here for quite a while. But I have been writing.

I’ve been writing about unconscious bias, and how the way in which we see ourselves affects not only our feelings, but our actions. I’ve been writing about the science of why science is sexist, but not as a scientist with that specific research expertise: rather as a scientist, and a person, who is the subject (or is that the object?) of that research.

The paperback is due out on the 9th of November: you can preorder here, or you can wait for the ebook.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.19.19 PM

Thanks to the lovely people at Bridget Williams Books – in particular, Tom Rennie and Geoff Walker – and to everyone else, in particular students and colleagues, who have encouraged me to keep this conversation going. It’s been lovely to realise that there are so many people who do care, and that meaningful change might actually be within our collective capabilities.


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4 Responses to Why Science is Sexist

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  2. It is sexist and has been for a while. NZ’s economy could have benefitted from extraordinary minds of Scientists that Richard Dawkins had proposed to adopt into the country….but instead, a respected NZ scientist had to throw in a highlight of how we’re missing out on filling the gender quota in New Zealand. It really makes no sense. Gender does not matter when it comes to Science.
    I’m pretty sure the best minds on the planet in Science ARE men. If women want to make a difference, then preach to them the wonders of Science.

    The fight against this “sexism” is proving to everyone in the field of research who the smarter and more knowledgeable ones are. If they are predominantly male, that’s not sexism. For what this book implies, I personally see it as an ironic attack on men…not that gender should make a difference in making the planet a better place to live on. “Why coalmines are sexist” should be the title of a book I’d write…explaining why there aren’t many women working in the mining industry…surely that’s sexist too.

    • nicgaston says:

      Hi Jonas,
      There’s nothing particularly offensive in your uninformed opinions so I’ve approved this post.
      If you ever come to regret having written it under your real name (I assume?), let me know and I’ll happily take it down.

      p.s. you should really read the book, if you care about all of this. Especially (!!!) the status of science in society.

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