Not about Tim Hunt

I had dinner with a couple of lovely colleagues last night, and one of them gave me a little grief (in the nicest way possible) about how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. There are reasons for this: I had a lovely visit to the University of Canterbury, as I said last time, and life has been busy with all the usual things.

#TimHunt happened, of course, and I simply think that too much has been said on the issue for me to weigh in here, and now.  But if you’re interested, my initial reaction is summarised in this interview on Radio NZ.

Of course, since then, a lot has happened. The abuse received by Dr Emily Grossman, for speaking about sexism in science on the BBC – Deborah Blum, and Connie St Louis, for breaking the story (um, because they were actually there, and they are journalists), in the name of defending #TimHunt – well, it speaks for itself, really.

And this is what another Nobel winner says about this (with reference to Connie St Louis):

No Vice Chancellor would take on an ethnic-minority militant feminist. Those are not humble Nobel laureates who can be forced to resign quietly.

Nobel prize winners with a chip on their shoulder, eh?

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